4月度パネライ人気ランキング/Top 5 Most Popular Panerai Watches of April 2024

スルビエナ エスター/Sulvienna Esther


Hello everyone! I'm Esther from Panerai Kanazawa Boutique.



Every month panerai releases a ranking of their best sellers in the previous month.

Taking this opportunity, today I would like to announce the top five most popular Panerai watches of April 2024!



Without further ado, let me start by introducing the number five on this list! 

第5位/No. 5
ルミノールクアランタ40 ブラック・Luminor Quaranta 40 in black
At number five we welcome the beloved Luminor Quaranta, a sized down version of Panerai’s iconic Luminor Marina. For admirers of Panerai who loves its historical design, but finds it difficult to confidently wear the brand’s arguably large case sizes, the Luminor Quaranta strikes the right balance between wearability and style.

第4位/No. 4
サブマーシブル44 ブラック・Submersible 44 in black
Despite being well-known for its Luminor lineup, Panerai’s Submersible have also gained a considerable fanbase within the country. Though the Submersible in 44mm may be slightly bulkier than the Luminor Marina, its more casual design and soft accordion rubber strap makes it the perfect transitional watch to be worn throughout the hotter spring and summer months.

第3位/No. 3
ルミノールマリーナ44 ホワイト・Luminor Marina 44 in white
Unsurprisingly, placed in number three we have the iconic Luminor Marina in matte white dial. This color is a beauty that can be easily worn and styled with all kinds of straps and outfits, making it the perfect summer time watch!

第2位/No. 2
ルミノールベース44 ブラック・Luminor Base 44 in black
Unlike the number three with Luminor Marina in white, this watch may come as a surprise for some Panerai enthusiasts. After all, it is the Luminor Base model that does not come with the sandwich dial synonymous to Panerai itself. However, some may argue that the Luminor Base in black is a stunning understated watch with its fully polished case and matte dial etched with Panerai’s own logo.

👑第1位/No. 1 👑
ルミノールマリーナ44 ブラック・Luminor Marina 44 in black
At last, we have reached the number one in Panerai’s April Popularity Ranking. The Luminor Marina in Black is unmatched when it comes to popularity, as it is currently out of stock even in our Panerai Kanazawa Boutique. Having two Luminor Marina in different colors competing in the top five is quite amusing right? Both are undoubtedly incredible watches, that symbolizes the core of Panerai.

If it were you, which watch would you have chosen to be in the Top 5?
Please do tune in for the next popularity ranking announcement in June!


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